Custom production and restoration of furniture

Company "H+N restaurování", now HasNábytek, was founded in 1989 by the joint activity of two carpenters. Jakub Hlaváček and Marek Nikl worked in the company "Výtvarná řemesla" before founding their own company. In the beginning they were mainly engaged in restoration of original furniture in the Biedermeier style, historicism and only after a few years of intensive activity, customers became interested in repairing and replicating furniture from the Art Deco and functionalism periods.

The increase in interest in restoration quickly led to the expansion of the work team and the establishment of production in Prague 4 in Libuš. A very important part of the HasNábytek workshop is the paint shop, where the company has been able to develop efficient procedures for creating high-quality furniture finishes. Quality production requires a perfect surface finish. The varnish is the so-called skin of the furniture and is the final touch that highlights and protects the veneers or structural boards underneath the coloured varnish.

Our workshop offers specialist manufacturing and repair of period furniture. We create bespoke units and are able to supply the customer with a solution, completely bespoke.

Our services are based and backed by over 30 years of experience from the front of the peloton. We repair furniture for top dealers throughout Central and Western Europe.

In 2022 the company changed name and ownership. Mr. Yancy Naughton became the new owner and the company joined his portfolio alongside HasModern and HasSofa under the name HasNábytek.

Marek Nikl
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Spálená 76/14
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